Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Boom Boom, Yum Yum. 9 yr old prositutes. 15 yr old pimps.

Many children around the world are stripped of the innocence that we would normally find so adorable. There is an ever increasing need for young children in the sex industry as men around the world carry on fueling a demand for innocent, 'untouched' boys and girls,

In this shocking footage we see how  children are used not only as prostitues but as pimps as well. A 15 year old boy takes a potential client through an alley to introduce him to the girls that are being sold.

The highest rate of child prostitution is found in Thialand but it is a global pandemic and occuring closer then you may think. This article published in the Daily News sheds some light on child prostitution in Durban. 

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